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Wedding Party

Select one of our amazing packages to be at your wedding. No wedding too big, no wedding too small. Let us create memories together by adding a little smoke.

Every package includes...

  • An experienced Cigar Roller or Tobacconist

  • Cutters

  • Lighters

  • Ashtrays

  • Displays for each cigar

  • 2 Hr service

  • 100 handmade cigars*

  • Custom bands included

  • An amazing cigar experience

* Costs may vary for extra cigars

Your guests will be tired with all the dancing done, full with all the food they ate, and satisfied with all the drinks they drank. Now, let's finish it off with a cigar!  

Cigar Bar

Create an experience...


Have an experienced tobacconist take care of you and your guests. We educate, cut and light up each cigar to keep the party going. Each cigars is handmade with Dominican Tobacco.

Cigar Roller

Create memories...


Including the cigar bar, let our cigar rollers showcase this amazing craft while an assistant tends to you and your guests. Discover the art of creating a beautiful cigar at your wedding.    

*A 50% deposit is required to complete your reservation.